Ringneck Dove

Also known as the Domestic Collared Dove, Ringed turtle Dove, Blonde Ringdove, Barbary Dove, Ring Dove.

Although the Ringneck Dove is normally assigned its own systematic name, as Streptopelia risoria, considerable doubt exists as to its appropriate classification. Some sources confidently assert that it is a domestic form of the Eurasian Collared Dove, S. decaocto, but the majority of evidence points to it being a domesticated form of the African Collared Dove, S. roseogrisea. It appears that it can hybridise freely with either species, and its status as a species must therefore be regarded as doubtful. However because of the wide use of both the common and systematic names, it is best to consider it separately from either of the putative parent species.
The Ringneck Dove is easily the most commonly kept dove in captivity. This domesticated bird (Streptopelia risoria) descends from the African Ring Dove (Streptopelia roseogrisea).1

Ringneck Dove
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Order Columbiformes
Family Columbidae
Genus Streptopelia
Species S. risoria
Noise level Unknown
Skill level Unknown
Size Small?
Price Cheap?
Maintenance Medium?
Talking Good?


In the wild

The Ringneck Dove exists only in captivity.

As companion pets

As aviary birds

Ringnecks can be kept and bred in cages as small as 2 feet square. Males tend to be quarrelsome with other males so it is best to keep them in single pairs. Ringnecks are a hardy bird. If slowly acclimated and protected from the elements, they can take below freezing for a moderate period of time.

Diet and health

Ringneck doves do well on a diet of various grains and seeds including millet, milo, wheat, black sunflower, canary grass, safflower and cracked corn. A quality wild bird seed mix is excellent, or commercial dove mixes may be purchased from many local feed stores. As with all seed-eating doves a quailty, high-calcium grit should be offered as well.



There are over forty acknowledged colour mutations/combinations.


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