Peacocks are beautiful looking birds that display a wide variety of colours. Males generally display long tales during the breeding seasons. These birds thrive in a tropical environment (such as Queensland, Australia but can adapt to cooler climates.
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Peacocks are largely blue with a tinge of translucent green which shows heavily in the sunlight. Males tail feathers are long, ranging from 30cm - 100cm in length. They are bright green with leafy particles all the way up and have an 'eye' at the top. The female peacock is slightly less ecstatic with only a stumpy tale and shabbier colours.

Peacocks have a crest of 10 or so small eye-topped feathers on their head.

White peacocks can be obtained for a greater amount of money and are only domestically available. These birds are all pure white, including the tail feathers.

Black peacocks have been scientifically bread in the USA and are not yet availble around the world.

In the wild

How does this species live in the wild? What are its habits (feeding, breeding, social, etc)?

As companion pets

Peacocks need a large avairy and prefer a vertical shape as they like to stay up high. These birds can be trained tame enough to eat out of ones hand.

As aviary birds

Peacocks can be mixed with larger parrots and bottom-dwellers (chickens, guinea-fowl, pheasants) as long as it is a large enough avairy that every bird has their own territory. Males cannot be added together unless they have grown up with each other. Females generally have a calmer temperament so can be housed together willingly. Males will fight out territory to the death.

Diet and health

What is this species' diet in captivity? Special requirements?
Is this species prone to certain diseases or problems? What is its lifespan?


Is this species easy or difficult to breed? How long does it take for eggs to hatch and how many? Dietry needs? Housing requirements? Handrearing requirements?


What are the known mutations of this species, if any?


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